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Jewelry entirely according to your personal wishes

When you consider purchasing diamond jewelery for yourself or as a gift for someone you love, you invest in timeless beauty. A Diamond is the ultimate personal and valuable gift for any occasion with a lasting value and with such a purchase our professional advice is important.

Our company group covers all facets of the industry, including the Juweelco diamond jewelry factory where our team of designers, master goldsmiths and diamond setters set the diamonds of your choice in any desired jewel of your dreams.

Juweelco Jewelers housed at Korte Poten 30 in The Hague is a renowned jeweler, diamond merchant and member of the Dutch Jewelers assosiation and is your appropriate jewelery store for a maximum choice of diamonds and jewelery.

At Juweelco Jewelers, a team of diamond experts can answer all your questions about diamonds and can help you determine your choice with advice on every aspect. Our knowledge combined with your personal preferance will result in the choice of exactly the jewel that suits you and will be cherished for the rest of your life and for generations.

You are invited to visit the Korte Poten 30 in the center of The Hague and we will gladly listen to your wishes during a nice cup of coffee.