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Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

The unique brilliance makes a diamond very desirable, that was and still is the case. Diamonds intrigue, but also appeals to the imagination. It is therefore not without reason the symbol of beauty and love.


The origin of the word diamond comes from the Greek word Adamas and means invincible. Diamond is the hardest material on earth with a maximum resistance to scratches. Diamonds are much harder than other gems.


The shine of a diamond is created by mirroring the light against the cut facets. When white light enters a diamond and then diffuses into a particularly large spectrum of rainbow colors. The most appreciated shine among all gemstones is of course to be found with the diamond. The brilliant is the most ideal cut for maximum reflection and therefore the highest brilliance.

The cut

Diamond cut in brilliant shape has 57 facets, a perfectly cut diamond ensures optimal brilliance and sparkle. A diamond loses on average 50% of its original weight during its grinding process. A Diamond gets its brilliance from the reflection of light. The diamond grinder must apply the facets to perfection so that the light is optimally reflected from one facet to the other. The knowledge for this demanding profession has been passed on from generation to generation for centuries. The Netherlands has a leading position in the world market in the trade of high-quality diamonds and their grinding. More than 450 years of experience.

The color

Many diamonds seem white for an untrained eye. In reality, only a rare number appears to be completely colorless, so pure white. Because only a completely colorless diamond gives a perfect shine and leaves the light spotless, so that it is transformed into all the colors of the rainbow.


A diamond that is completely free of inclusions is very rare and of the highest quality, because then nothing stands in the way of the light that creates maximum sparkle. The certification of purity is assessed by a judge with a 10x magnifying lens. An average customer sees less by a 10x magnifying lens than a trained eye. The purer a diamond the better.

Carat weight

The weight of a diamond is measured in a carat consisting of 100 points. A large diamond of 5 carats weighs only 1 gram and the diamond is therefore by far the most expensive raw material in the world. The weight is an important factor of the value of a diamond. A diamond of 1 carat is very rare and therefore much more expensive than several diamonds with a combined weight of 1 carat.


To find 1 carat of diamond with a weight of 1 gram, 250.000kg of rock must be mined. Then only 15% of the mined diamond is suitable for jewelery. The remaining 85% has too many impurities, but is well suited for tools and other things. Because of the unprecedented hardness, diamonds can be applied in many ways.


It is important that your diamond jewelry is treated with care and regularly checked professionally. With consultation of your invoice, you can at all times clean and check at Juweelco Jewelers in The Hague free of charge. Bear in mind that your gold jewelry is subject to wear and tear with very long and frequent wear and extra coarse work. Especially when setting diamonds, it is advisable to have them checked every few years. Normally the setting goes without problems for years. However, it is possible that due to the bumping of a piece of jewelery, it is possible to bend the setting with the chance that the diamond will come loose.