Internationally recognized certified natural loose diamonds. Directly available from stock.

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Admire your diamond.

If you have chosen a beautiful diamond entirely to your liking, completed the order and as a final step transferred the payment to our ABN AMRO bank account your order is fully completed.

Once your order has been completed and your payment has been received on the ABN AMRO bank account of our office at the diamond exchange in Antwerp, your order will arrive after a few working days at our jewelery store. If you live in the Netherlands, we find it pleasant if you can personally view and pick up your order at Juweelco Jewelers at Korte Poten 30 in the center of The Hague. If you live abroad, we can deliver your order by courier with a track & trace against delivery costs.

What kind of jewelry?

If you visit Juweelco, you can immediately find out what kind of jewelery would be desirable for your diamond and we would be happy to inform you about the many possibilities.

The Netherlands has had an internationally prominent position in the trade of diamond jewelery for 450 years. For a large percentage of tourists to our country, the purchase of diamond jewelry is an important part of their visit to the Netherlands.


It is important that diamond jewelry is treated with care and regularly checked by a Juweelco expert. With consultation of your invoice, we can clean your jewelry and check the setting at Juweelco Juweliers at any time as a service. Every few years it is advisable to have this done professionally. We look forward to welcoming you again and wish you lots of enjoyment with your beautiful piece of jewelery.