Internationally recognized certified natural loose diamonds. Directly available from stock.

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Diamant Company is your trusted diamond supplier.

The hardness and beauty of diamonds is regarded as something very special throughout the past five centuary's, it is amazing, with its unrivaled sparkle. Diamant Company supplies since 1979 the best diamond for your money and always internationally certified. An international recognized certificate from a handful of institutions of world renown.

GIA internationally certified diamonds

The Gemological Institute of America is the best-known research institute for diamonds and colored gems. It was founded in 1931 and has since shared a lot of knowledge in the field of gemstones.

HRD internationally certified diamonds

The Hoge Raad voor de Diamant was founded in 1976 in Antwerp. It is a trusted institute specialized in the control and certification of diamonds.

IGI internationally certified diamonds

The International Gemological Institute is the largest independent producer of certificates. It is also involved in the training of specialists.

EGL internationally certified diamonds

The laboratories that fall under the European Gemological Laboratory are fully independent. This makes the EGL a unique organization within the certification institutes.